• CenturyLink announces Gigabit for 22K businesses

    CenturyLink will target 2,500 buildings across Arizona
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  • Verizon 5G Trial Will Offer Gigabit Broadband via ‘Wireless Fiber’

    Initial 5G plans include service that rivals Verizon Fios FTTP service
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  • Gigabit competition heats up in downtown Charleston

    Home Telecom joins AT&T with Charleston Gigabit
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Gig Poll

What do you see as the drivers for Gigabit services in your area?

How does gigabit internet work?


Lay the Groundwork

A robust fiber fed network provides the backbone for a Gigabit network

Connect to the Home

Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) is the most common home connection, but emerging technologies will allow coax cable and even copper wires to offer Gigabit services.

100x Faster Internet Speeds

Gigabit broadband delivers 100x faster Internet speeds than traditional broadband, creating a next generation broadband experience that has no rival.
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